ME.GO.RI is specialised in the production of Reconditioning Kits for pneumatic valves of braking systems for industrial vehicles, trailers and buses.
It is a growing organisation, both in technological and productive terms, which has expanded its production,

starting to mould customized technical items in rubber and thermoplastics, on sample or customer specifications.

This has enabled us to have complete technological and logistic control over production and to give customers the assurance of an Italian product.
In September 2006, ME.GO.RI. launched a complete range of reconditioned calipers with the same qualitative characteristics as new ones.

With them, you can also enjoy a service of brake discs and pads on demand which can be both original and alternative brands of the same quality.

The reconditioning of brake calipers is due mainly to technical and economic reasons.
In order to avoid using components with sign of wear, the work is carried out applying a high-quality operating process.
ME.GO.RI. issues the same warranty for reconditioned callipers as for new ones, that is to say 12 months.